A Special Day.

Today, the Gallery manager informs me, a lovely lady from Victoria came into the gallery and explained that she has five children ranging from mid 20’s to 30’s….that she is a grandmother and had never really purchased anything for herself!….Until now….and she chose, as her very first gift to herself, “The Pause!”  My four very precious  children have long left the nest, but I can identify with her situation, as we mothers give ourselves totally to our children for the many years that they are in our care, and are quite content to be putting their needs before our own….So that when the time of mutual independence finally arrives, one of the hardest yet most exhilarating exercises is to purchase something entirely for “me!”  That very first purchase is a very special one, and because this lady has chosen one of my paintings as her very first gift to herself, she has made it a very special day for me too!



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