April 2014

The Bushman. 66x63cm Aus sienna, p grey, crimson, indian yellow.

The Bushman.


I have been pondering those unwelcome wrinkles that appear as a natural part of ageing, and how we resist the thought that they are inevitable.   Did you know, though, that a face that has had “work” done is almost impossible for the portrait painter to “read” (or anyone else, for that matter), as the process of removing the wrinkles has the effect of obscuring the record of the history, character and the very essence of the individual  in question.   The mirror confirms to me that I have been on this planet for almost 69 years, but when I do what all we ageing souls do, and that is, experiment on what a little “lift” might do for me, I confess I am forced to conclude that, wrinkles deleted, it would look like “no one was home”!  And so for the month past, I have painted wrinkles and sags, and acknowledged and celebrated them as my friends!


The Stockman. 75x60cm Aus sienna, prey, indian yellow, crimson

The Stockman.










Ready to Lead. 81x63cm Aus sienna, crimson, p grey, indian yellow

Ready To Lead.






Had studio time up my sleeve, so couldn’t resist the temptation to portray youth’s anticipation of times to come, and dreams yet to be fulfilled.






Childhood Dreams. 60x42cm  Pthalo green. red oxide, p grey, t yellow, diox purple

Childhood Dreams.


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