Australia Day Musings

60x50  Aus sienna, p grey, t venetian red


Australia Day is always a day of mixed emotions for me, and the way I deal with it is to head out of town and into the bush for a few hours….where I know my sense of wellbeing will be strengthened.  Living in a town with a high indigenous population, I had cause to wonder, when, two Australia Days ago, a convoy of vehicles drove through my neighbourhood streets tooting horns, and waving the Aussie flag.  Not an Indigenous flag in sight to indicate inclusion.  It caused me to wonder how it would feel, were I on the other side of the fence, to have my culture superimposed by that of another culture, and to have that culture’s flag waved under my nose, once a year, every year. Since then, every Australia Day gives me cause to wonder….just wonder….without seeking to lay blame….or to provide an answer….but merely to ponder…

75x60cm. Aus sienna, d purple, p green


Dignity. 75x60cm.  Aus sienna, diox purple


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