Back to Trevor Jenkins

Back to Trevor Jenkins….who chooses to live as a homeless man, because he wants to do what he believes Jesus wants him to do….and that is, to sell all and follow. He tells me that most recently, he has undergone a transformational change, and is not the man he was several years ago (lovely though that man was, I assure you).
Now whatever you may feel about that, you would agree that it is the heart intent that gets one to the desired destination, rather than the ‘method’ that one chooses to follow.
Two paintings only this time, because I believe I got it in two. Without pre-judging, what turned up on the canvas, much to my surprise, was what I can only describe as a ‘Jesus flavour’….which both mystifies and delights me, as I had not set out to make it happen. Simply fell into the pure bliss of painting this lovely man.

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