David Gulpilil.

Through tears, I watched what I thought was to be the very last public appearance by David Guliplil, as he had difficulty in speaking, such had the illness taken over. In spite of this, and for one second only, I thought I had caught a glimpse of the determination and the spirit that we have all come to love in this man…and sure enough, the re run of the video revealed that I was not mistaken! And in spite of the fact that the medicos had given him only months to live, he is still with us, two and a half years later. And he has produced another movie. This time to document the history of his awe inspiring life.

As Outback Dreaming recently wrote:- “Watching the winners at the Film Awards on TV, gushing about how unexpected their award was, thanking the whole world, talking endlessly about themselves. The winner of Lead Actor in ‘The Tracker’ was announced. Gulpilil walked on the stage, looked at the award, looked at the audience and said…‘I deserve this’. Loved him ever since.Happiest when he’s home on Country.”

David Gulpilil
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