December 2016


The recent passing of Leonard Cohen has caused me to ponder two contemporary heroes in my life. 

Leonard Cohen…Because he was a seeker who had the courage to question the accepted and various versions of Truth.  Thus choosing a path hitherto not oft’ walked.  Without fear of retribution from Above. 

Somewhat akin to the story of the Knights of the Round Table…who together and with one purpose set out on a quest to find the Holy Grail….through the forest, and each to a path of his own choosing, each forging a new path for himself that had hitherto not been walked…..

….And David Gulpilil, that wonderful Indigenous actor, who, as he puts it, has had to learn to live his life straddling two opposing cultures.  Something that I myself could never do.

….And so in order to get the maximum benefit from my meditations on these two special heroes of mine, I have spent the past few weeks ‘with’ them in my studio, in an attempt to capture, in each, something of the loveliness that I perceive in both.  Not to my satisfaction, of course, because how could mere paint and brush do full justice to two such exquisite individuals?…. but nevertheless the process has enabled me to outwork some of the very deep emotions of both love and respect that I encounter when my mind drifts to either one of these Two.

Leonard Cohen

David Gulpilil



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