I have struggled a bit this year, swinging between the need to have a bit of a spell from painting and feeling a degree of niggling grief at the apparent loss of motivation.  Confusing, and I do hope that my passion will re ignite in the coming months.

I did manage to paint an impression of Professor David Bohm, a Quantum Physicist, and one of Stan’s heroes.  Stan’s Christmas surprise, and he loved it!

Doreen, my recent but valued friend, is one of the local Aboriginal Elders, and she emerged on the canvas looking a tad more serious than she actually is.  I was tempted to bin it and have another go, as I had wanted to bring out the twinkly side of her nature, but then thought no….Her people talk about being ‘strong’, and it is a greatly valued trait, especially in the grandmothers….and perhaps that is what was wanting to express itself….as that is exactly who Doreen is.  A strong, proud Aboriginal woman.

David Bohm
Doreen McCormack
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