February/March 2016

It is sadly the case that for no apparent reason, your creative genie can leave the room on you….which is what happened to me.  Again.   And of course who turns up next?  The little voice that comes to sit on your shoulder to gleefully tell you that you are finished as a painter! However, if you choose to ignore the voice, and resist the urge to want to control the situation, or to force an outcome, then the genie eventually returns….Which is what happened to me, when she reappeared several weeks later and whispered three little words in my ear: “Blokes in hats”.  In that moment I was transported into renewed passion, and full of ideas for the new project!  Within a very short space of time, seven of these lovely old fellows have appeared on canvas, in quick succession, and once again I am in heaven!  I have no idea where this will lead, or if indeed it will lead anywhere at all, however that is not my problem.  My part is to do what is in front of me to do and simply enjoy doing what I do….and the outcome, if there is to be one, will take care of itself…or it won’t….but it is about just getting on with doing what you do, regardless of the final outcome.  Doing it because you HAVE to do it!

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