February 2014

Absolute Knowing

Absolute Knowing


A Penny For Her Thoughts 48x44cm U blue, Y ochre, naples yellow, red oxide, r umber

A Penny For Her Thoughts

Weather wise, January was a killer month out here is the desert, and so much of it was spent in front of the telly watching the tennis and the cricket…..however between the more interesting matches I found myself in the studio, and this is the result.



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January 2014

The Challenge.  56x44cm. P green, p grey, trans yellow, diox purple, red oxide

The Challenge

Took a spell from the studio for the best part of December,

however couldn’t resist another child.

The Indigenous children have such strong little spirits,

with eyes full of life and hope.

They are so wonderfully everywhere out here in Alice Springs,

and I often acknowledge the fact that I am privileged to be

living amongst them, and that my life is enriched by their presence.

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Six of One

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of attempting to portray the struggle, yet the ultimate triumph of, the human soul.

This series of six will be on exhibit and for sale at Leaping Lizards Gallery for the months of November and December.


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Two More.

Diox purple, gr black, y ochre, b sienna, p grey

Unshakable Knowing


The Matriarch 68x50cm  Mars violet, blue indigo, red ochre lt, indian yellow,

The Matriarch



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A great outcome!

Both sitters and painter agreed that the exercise has proved to be a positive outcome for all parties!

~ And so I am both delighted and relieved!


Aus sienna, crimson, p grey, y ochreAus sienna, crimson, p grey, y ochre

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This one was hiding!


Looks like I need to do a bit of a studio clean out…..but at least it will look like I have been working hard this month!

The two commissions are still “works in progress”….but at least it is progress!

Guarded Optimism 2 Trans yellow, P grey, B sienna, mars violet

Guarded Optimism

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September, the beginning of Spring!



First Impressions

I have decided to set aside this month to work on two portraits
for a lovely couple from Adelaide who are celebrating their joint 60th birthdays.
It is going to be both enjoyable and a challenge ~ and the trick will be to avoid
the tendency to want to “please the client”
and therefore undermine the integrity of the work.

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The Look




Here I go again!  Same theme as last month!


But it is the case that we need our Elders.


In every culture. To help mold that tiny,


vulnerable, and as yet blank canvas.



The Elder


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July is suddenly upon us!

Guardian of Story

I Am Your Future

I have been meditating on the value of our old people to

our society, and the role they play in holding the space

for the next generation.

We should honour them greatly.

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This is “Madam”.  She was a dream to paint, as it is all there in her face.

Children can be a bit tricky to paint, as there is not always a lot to “read” in their young faces

……..but not so this one!

The Hunter was one that did not appear with ease on the canvas. A bit of a struggle, but some are like that and you just have to go with it!


……….And Ruth

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Goals for April/May

I am working on a series of at least six paintings for this character.  The more I observe, the more I see……both strength and vulnerability……..which is surely the truth for all of us souls experiencing ourselves in this human form?

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April already!

Back in the studio, after a very necessary month at the seaside.  “Now, where was I?”  Back to adding the finishing touches to these two.  The hardest part of the process is knowing when a work is “finished”.


The Smile.

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January 2013 Works

This month I decided I would like to have a bit of variety and so painted an Elder…..and a child.

The one has acquired wisdom through age, the other, already a “knowing” little Soul!

The Uncle


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Latest works December 2012

Two paintings of older people this month.  So much wisdom and history is written in their faces.

Welcome Home!

The Self Appraisal

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Finalist, 2012 Outback Open Art Prize

The Stockman

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Simon’s Gallery

This is my talented son Simon’s work.  He is at present working on a series of paintings depicting the Central Australian landscape.

Salthouse Cafe 1000x1500cm

Outback Surreal 1400x1000cm

Dusk At Tennant 600 × 605cm



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Winner, 2010 Advocate Art Award

The Philosopher












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2011 Advocate Art Award. Peoples’ Choice.

The Seer


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