November 2015

This month I have been mulling over the work of the British Biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, and his theory of Morphic Resonance.  The idea that the whole of the universe has a kind of memory and that each individual within a species draws on a collective memory, as well as contributing to it.  Experiments over many years have shown that if a new trick is taught to say, a group of rats in the one locality, that before long rats all over the world will learn the same trick quicker, and straight away!….So that it enables new patterns of learning and thinking to spread faster than they might otherwise do.  Not to mention changing the very nature of the rat.

It light of all the terrible events that are occurring in the world, it made me wonder what would happen if, instead of us humans allowing ourselves to be transfixed by the evil, we turned our attention to pondering Goodness, which is equally if not more so the reality of this planet on which we all reside at this present moment in time.

60x42cm Trans yellow, p grey, chrom green oxide, t red oxide

75x60cm. P grey, trans red oxide, mars violet, raw umber

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