September and a New Project

This lovely Aboriginal Elder man, Tony Liddle, is the one who triggered a lightbulb moment for me.  A much needed lightbulb moment, because I had been feeling that I was well and truly stuck, and perhaps even at a dead end!  (We creative souls DO get things out of proportion at times)

Tony has a real heart for the Old People, who, as he says, have special stories to tell, and want to tell them before they leave us…..And I thought, Ah, I could do that!  Through my art…..And the idea grew from that

…..The idea being an exhibition which would be their exhibition, rather than mine, where they get to tell their amazing stories, in their own words, recorded alongside each of their portraits in a local exhibition space….and at the end of the exhibition, get to keep their portraits, if desired.

I estimate that it will take me two years to realise, as it will be slow going, and is a project that necessarily requires progress to be made one step at a time, and simply doing what is in front of me to do, rather than projecting too much into the future.  Both challenging and absorbing, which is how I love it!

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