The Purpose.

Out on our usual Tuesday bush walk and my attention was particularly drawn to the all the little plant souls who were struggling courageously in this extreme Central Australian climate to grow where their particular seed had fallen.  Some having landed in more favourable locations, whilst others were going to have to pull out all stops in order both to survive, and to reproduce themselves into the next generation of their particular species. 
As is always the case, we have the opportunity to see parallels to our own humanity mirrored in the face of Nature….and so it occurred to me that we are likewise seeds that have fallen on diverse ground….seeds that have no say in where we have been asked to grow….and how it is invariably the case that we so readily leap to judge that one individual is more fortunate or relevant than the other.
I guess these ponderings had their roots in my recent attempt to capture the essence of this well respected Mathematician, Physicist and Philosopher, Dr Wolfgang Smith, the founder of the Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation, who carries with much dignity and grace the weight of his particular life purpose. And yes, I did indeed fall into the trap of comparing his life to that of mine, and seeing his purpose as being far superior to my own

This man is singular in his intent to re-instate the God factor into a scientific world that has for too long turned its back on The Source…..Whilst I, by contrast, have the luxury of dedicating the final years of my time on this planet to a life of stillness and reflection. 
As the image continued to emerge, it became more and more evident that here is a Soul who, although carrying a weighty purpose, nevertheless exudes a quiet confidence….Indeed a steadfast ‘knowing’ that he stands on firm ground, anticipating that sufficient of the seeds he sows will fall on fertile ground and ultimately bear fruit….and who therefore does not waver from the path that he has been asked to walk.  Awesome.

And so back to the little plants in the bush.  I have concluded that it does not pay for us to judge another’s path as being ‘better’, or more fruitful than our own; but instead have the courage to grow where we have been planted.  Content and confident in being the particular aspect of Love that we most surely are.

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