Trevor Jenkins, Rubbish Warrior




Where do I begin to say what I need to say about this most lovely human being?  Words can be clumsy, and the truest meaning of them not always grasped.

This is Trevor Jenkins, Rubbish Warrior.  Living on the streets of Darwin, because he wanted to do what is said that Jesus commanded of the rich young man, which was…..Sell all and follow me.  And so he lives with integrity as a homeless man who creates the most beautiful sculptures out of the rubbish that unthinking souls scatter around in our public spaces. He leaves them in strategic places in order that we might contemplate the folly of our sometimes insensate actions… and at the same time rethink our attitudes to those people we might be tempted to label as “rubbish”.


Loved by the majority, and labelled by others as an “eccentric”….which is….what??

I consider that the five hours I spent with this man has enriched my life, as he is one of the most open and empathetic males that I have ever encountered in all of my 70 years in this human experience.  A beautiful, honest, open soul, blessed with intelligence, of both the brain variety and of the Heart, and he has left a profound mark on my life.

My original intent was to paint him once, however so far, and in a very short space of time, four have so far leapt off the canvas, and I do not know that I am done yet!




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